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USB 3.0 & Thunderbolt options for LTO-6

IBM recently introduced a feature for its TS2260 Half-Height LTO-6 Tape Drive that provides USB 3.0 as well as SAS connectivity. This feature is supported by Windows 7 or later and RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.4 or later.

Also new in the marketplace is mLogic’s mTape Thunderbolt, an LTO-6 tape drive with Thunderbolt connectivity. Contact MTMP Solutions for more information on either new LTO-6 option.

Generations 9 and 10 now on LTO product roadmap

The LTO Program Technology Provider Companies, HP, IBM and Quantum, announced in September an extended product roadmap that includes two additional generations with even more capacity and throughput. The extended roadmap now includes generations 9 and 10. The new generation guidelines call for uncompressed capacities of 25 TB for generation 9 (62.5 TB compressed) and 48 TB for generation 10 (120 TB compressed). Transfer rates are expected to increase to 708 MB/second for generation 9 uncompressed (1,770 MB/second compressed) and a blazing 1,100 MB/second uncompressed for generation 10 (2,750 MB/second for compressed). The new generations will include read-and-write backwards compatibility with the prior generation as well as read compatibility for cartridges from the two prior generations. (for more information:


Tape Spanning for LTFS set by SNIA

SNIA has published the LTFS 2.2.0 specification further enhancing LTFS functionality including interoperability recommendations for file spanning across multiple tape volumes and file permissions (Annex F). The recommendations describe how in LTFS to span a file across two or more tape cartridges/volumes with forward and backward references linking the various file segments. SNIA (Storage Networking Industry Association) describes its mission as leading “… the storage industry worldwide in developing and promoting standards, technologies, and educational services to empower organizations in the management of information.” (for more information: )

Store up to 154 Terabytes on an LTO Cartridge

Earlier in 2014 Fujifilm announced a new data tape storage record of 154TB on advanced prototype tape. This achievement demonstrates the current tape format will satisfy the requirements of tape storage well beyond the currently announced LTO generation 10 specifications. “A new record in areal data density of 85.9 billion bits per square inch on cost-efficient linear magnetic particulate tape has been achieved. This breakthrough in data density equates to a standard LTO cartridge capable of storing up to 154 terabytes of uncompressed data, which is 62 times greater than today’s current LTO6 cartridge capacity. This new record was reached using an advanced prototype tape incorporating NANOCUBIC technology developed by Fujifilm, with advanced tape-drive technologies developed by IBM.” (for more information: )